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In this episode of 'Food for All,' Pippa Kendrick, author of 'The Intolerant Gourmet,' shows you how to make a gluten, dairy and egg free chicken caesar salad.
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Hollie Self Shares Her Weight Loss Journey

The Biggest Loser contestant Hollie Self describes her weight loss experience and motivation to live an active lifestyle.

Active Lifestyle May Help Preserve Brain Health and Reduce Dementia Risk

Exercising both the mind and the body may help preserve the mental health of people at risk for dementia.

2014 Mitsubishi i-MiEV Review: An EV for the Sedentary Lifestyle?

The 2014 Mitsubishi i-MiEV is an all electric vehicle that's easy to drive especially in a crowded city like Washington DC. But how does this car work when you combine it with an active lifestyle? Emme Hall finds out in another fun and informative TFLcar review.

Discreet Solutions for a Bladder Leakage

Dr. Rachael and Barbara Hannah Gruffermann, author, journalist and positive aging expert for Always Discreet, share three solutions for how to manage bladder leaks so you can continue to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

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